Demo Reel from Kelly Canaday on Vimeo.

Design and storytelling tie together in a very important manner. Storyboarding and character design are vital in telling a visual story. Without these things, visuals become bland and confused, the story incoherent, the action difficult to follow, and the entire experience difficult to watch. What I strive for and what I hope to achieve is to create works with strong unified aesthetics and design with purpose. I want to create with a clear personality and purpose in mind.

The first part of the process is knowing what you want and need to accomplish, the seeing how you go about actually doing that. What shapes to use, what colors, other questions to ask when you design a character or environment. I admire works that work with stylization, vibrant colors, and manage powerful expressiveness even without traditional means, such as an emotive faceless character.

Design needs to display personality, function, it needs to be distinct. Good character design should be consistent with the character’s personality. Overuse of cliches make design less distinct and interesting. Design needs to catch the audience’s eye, it needs to keep it’s attention, it needs to aid in telling the story that is being told. In a visual story, the audience should be able to tell what is happening without necessarily being told.